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Truck accidents, bad brakes and other equipment failures

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2017 | Personal Injury |

The Mississippi River isn’t the only major channel of transport in Louisiana. Our highways are some of the busier corridors in the country, with large commercial vehicles trekking goods of all kinds across The Pelican State.

Trucks are vital to our economy. They’re also big and less agile than smaller passenger vehicles. Driving a truck requires skill, but the fact is that, in traffic, collisions with large trucks are a reality. When a truck hits a passenger vehicle, it’s typically the passengers in the smaller vehicle who pay the biggest price.

That’s why any defect in a semi is a big deal. It threatens highway safety.

For example, Volvo just announced the recall of over 6,000 trucks with bad brakes.

Semi-truck accidents

Over 100,000 people are injured in car-truck collisions each year, along with nearly 4,000 fatalities. Given the difference in size been cars and trucks, car drivers are injured more often than truck drivers. While a report by the American Trucking Association notes that cars cause more accidents than trucks, truck drivers are still at fault 27 percent of the time.

Determining fault

Truck accident victims may be entitled to significant compensation from the at-fault party. To that end, the police report of the crash may offer details and statements from drivers, and insurance companies are usually quick to investigate the cause.

However, insurance companies often do not have injury victims’ best interests at heart. The problem is that insurers tend to prioritize their own bottom line instead of meeting the medical and financial needs of victims.

If you or a loved one was injured in a wreck with a large truck, do not hesitate to speak with a personal injury lawyer with experience in determining who is liable in such crashes.

Manufacturers and mechanics

In addition to truck driver negligence, vehicle malfunctions like bad brakes may play a role.

When faulty equipment is a factor in an accident, a third party party may be held liable, whether the third party is the manufacturer, like Volvo, or the company responsible for maintaining the vehicle.

Commercial trucks are held to a high standard of safety. This is because of their frequent use and the risks they pose to other motorists in the event of a collision. When wrecks happen, innocent people get hurt, and it’s important that victims understand their options for receiving full and fair compensation after a crash.